Back in the back alley

Hi guys,

I don’t know if any of you has been following the site recently but if you did you may have noticed that during the last couple of days posts have been going in and out and the site layout never lasted for longer than one hour.

So this is it, after a lot of tinkering I have finally settled for a layout that hopefully will last longer than the previous ones. From now on, I will be using this to post my daily pictures and give a few tips and tricks about photography.

Today’s picture is one of my personal favorites, taken in Singapore in November 2010. At the back of the touristy boat quay, but not yet in the main banks streets, there was this little contorted alley featuring the back doors of all the food places in the quay. I had never seen so many AC compressors in the same place! This street featured a very stark contrast with both the one on the left: full of summer terraces packed with tourists by the canal, and the one at the right, a main shopping street leading to the bussiness center.

Hidden street in Singapore, back to the very touristy boat quay.Hidden street in Singapore, back to the very touristy boat quay. Click on the image to see it on my smugmug gallery.

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