Battersea power station

One of my favorite locations in London is the abandoned Battersea power station, located by the riverside in West London, in the Southern shore. The building is really an iconic landmark that has been featured countless times in different contexts, from the album cover of Pink Floyd’s Animals to the more recent filming of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Night. After many years of operation, Battersea power station (that used to be a coal-fired power plant) hasn’t been used for its initial purpose since 1983, and ever since a number of ideas on what to do with the building popped up.

Abandoned Battersea power station in West London.

Last November, a Real Estate company was granted the development of the area, so I decided to go around there and shot some pictures around before the place gets knocked down and turned into a mall. The following pictures is one of the dozens I have taken from the northern shore of the river. I still hope to find a chance to get inside one of these days, before it is too late…

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