The guru

This is a portrait taken inside an Indian temple in Little India, Singapore. I was pleasantly surprised to be allowed to take pictures inside, although I obviously couldn’t use any flash or walk inside the inner sanctuary. Enjoy!

Taking this picture was kind of tricky due to the extreme light conditions (needless to say using a flash wasn’t an option). The only light source available was a big but flickering and inconsistent fire in front of this old man, there was a lot of smoke floating around and since I couldn’t get very close to the praying area I had to use a long zoom, adding to the general shakiness of the photo. Under those circumstances I had little chance but to crank up the ISO all the way up to 6400, which naturally resulted in a fair amount of noise getting added to the final image. Luckily enough I managed to get rid of most of the artifacts during the post-processing. Overall I was quite pleased with the final result. I hope you think the same!

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