Gherkin close shot

An architectural shot from the dPS photowalk last February. Going to this kind of gatherings is always fun, you get to know some nice people, rediscover parts of town you never paid a lot of attention to, and learn a lot just by observing what are all the other photographers taking pictures of. One might expect that after following a determined route pretty much everyone would snap similar photos, but nothing further from reality…

One of the things that I really like looking at dunring photowalks is the variety of techniques people come with to give their pictures a personal style. In this particular one, there weren’t many people carrying tripods around, so I decided to take advantage of mine with some long exposure shots. Mind “long exposure” means different things when you are taking pictures in the countryside during a moonless night than when you are in a big city under broad daylight (or whatever that thing they kind of have in London is called :-P). Anyway, I like to think of “long exposure” of anything that forces me to keep my camera shutter open for longer than I can hold it still. This particular picture required a 1/15 second to get the rooms inside the building properly exposed. The prize one has to pay for exposing properly the inside of the building is the blown-off sky on the top -left. Occasionally I resort to hdr to solve that problem, but in this case the sky was a dull texture-less shade of grey so there wasn’t much to rescue anyway.

To get such a close picture of such a big building one needs go go wild on the wide-angle end of lenses. Since as of now I don´t have anything wider than 18mm, I used some funny lens accessory that will give a 0.5 multiplier, effectively converting the 18mm into a 9mm for the shot. A (not always desired) side effect of that gadget is the black rounded corners, but in this picture I din’t think it would bother me too much.


A close shoot to Norman Foster's Gherkin in London. Picture taken during the dPS photowalk.


A close shoot to Norman Foster’s Gherkin in London. Picture taken during the dPS photowalk.

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