Steampunk bed

Last month I used one of my free days in London to pay a visit to the steampunk exhibit at the Kew Bridge Steam Museum. In one of the rooms there was this wonderfully weird piece of furniture.

The whole setting, with the extremely bright lights coming from the window and the deep dark shadows under the bed, plus the textured velvety covers, was crying for some hdr treatment.

Like it? Too cooked for your taste? Let me know in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “Steampunk bed”

  1. Shelley Thomas is the artist who made the bed. Her forge is located on the grounds of the museum. I was lucky enough (by the looks of the prep papers layed out on the covers) that day to take part in a photo shoot on that wonderful creation… and yes it is as soft as it looks <3

  2. Thanks for the tip off! It was a really amazing piece of furniture indeed, Shelley most certainly did an impressive work with this one!

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