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The Merlion

Today’s picture comes from the Marina Bay area in Singapore, a recently revamped area very close to the financial district that is the heart of this country. The merlion, with the lower body of a fish and the upper body of a lion, if the official mascot of Singapore.

The stunning building on the opposite side of the bay is the Marina Bay Hotel, a luxurious 7-star hotel hosting a huge casino. It is amazing how people around those part of the world love gambling! Apparently, the situation was so serious (with people not showing up at work and loosing all their money gambling) that the Singapore government issued a law according to which Singapore citizens must pay 100 S$ (about 50 pounds) just to enter a casino. Tourists, on the other hand, can come and go freely.

Back to the picture, in order to be able to get in focus both the close merlion and the Marina Bay hotel in the background I had to use a very small aperture of f/27. Resorting to small apertures help getting everything in focus. The downside is… well that everything will be in focus, which will make little imperfections noticeable, for instance the drop of water in the lower part of the picture, probably coming from the lion spraying, as the wind was changing constantly. I could have photoshopped that droplet away, but didn’t bother me that much so decided to keep it.

Hope you like it!

The merlion, with the lower body of a fish and the upper body of a lion, if the official mascot of Singapore. This magnificent fountain-statue is facing the Marina Bay hosting the huge 7-stars hotel and the famous casino.


Boats in the docks

This was another of the pics I took dunring the snow days before Christmas time in London. It was so cold outside that the city looked like a ghost town, even around usually crowded areas. The canals in the Docklands, by the Canary Wharf, were almost forzen and the snowed boats made a really nice visual impression.

Hope you like it!

Docklands near the Canary Wharf in London, during a snowy winter day.Docklands near the Canary Wharf in London, during a snowy winter day.

Battersea power station

One of my favorite locations in London is the abandoned Battersea power station, located by the riverside in West London, in the Southern shore. The building is really an iconic landmark that has been featured countless times in different contexts, from the album cover of Pink Floyd’s Animals to the more recent filming of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Night. After many years of operation, Battersea power station (that used to be a coal-fired power plant) hasn’t been used for its initial purpose since 1983, and ever since a number of ideas on what to do with the building popped up.

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Back in the back alley

Hi guys,

I don’t know if any of you has been following the site recently but if you did you may have noticed that during the last couple of days posts have been going in and out and the site layout never lasted for longer than one hour.

So this is it, after a lot of tinkering I have finally settled for a layout that hopefully will last longer than the previous ones. From now on, I will be using this to post my daily pictures and give a few tips and tricks about photography.

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