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Suspended time

London weather is getting quite miserable and totally not encouraging going out for photo taking. Fighting the natural urge to stay in with a cup of steaming coffee, today I ventured to the famous Stables Market in Candem Town, swarming with tourists in spite of the cold and rain.

Today’s photo is a set of vintage pocket watches hanging in one of the stalls in the market.

Suspended time
Suspended time


On Halloween, I went for some spooky shots to Brompton Cemetery, one of the Magnificent seven cemeteries in London. Though really cold, the weather was nice enough to allow for a walk, and provided some excellent opportunities for moody images.

This is a shot of one of the numerous angel statues in the cemetery, using a 50mm f1.8 wide open for nice soft background, manual exposure and focus.


Street art in East London

The whole East London is famous for its vibrant young artists and creative community. Around these areas one can find some truly breathtaking examples of street art, ranging from graffiti to random installations.

Today’s photo is a graffiti portraying Usain Bolt as seen by Jimmy C. Jimmy has some other really impressive works in the area, so if you like his work and have a chance you should totally visit this part of London!

Graffiti in East London
Graffiti in East London

London skyline

A couple of weeks ago, wandering by the river on the hope of catching the moment when the Olympic Rings in the Tower Bridge got lit up, I found a wide open stairwell going down to the river bank that is usually closed.

I managed to get right by the waterfront and take a few panoramic shots before the treachery grounds betrayed me and a tripod slip ended up with my lens smashed into the mud.

So, in a sense one could say that this shot costed me my lens*!

Hope you enjoy the panoramic view, the photo was obtained by stitching 9 photos with Hugin and then some final retouches with Photoshop, mostly to deal with long-exposure noise and dodging a little bit the underexposed areas.

* The lens is currently being serviced and will be back in business shortly

Paris girl

It is about time I upload a few new pictures here.

This one is from a trip to Paris last spring. I loved this girl’s style, her fiery red hair and her resolved determination as she walked towards her bike. I managed to snap a couple of shots while she was crossing the street, hoping to capture the mood and her movement.

My friend Maribel Andrés turned this picture into an awesome oil paint, check it out!

The Shard

It is no secret that I am a sucker for steel-and-glass modern architecture. The more shocking, the better. In the Southbank of London, the long awaited construction of the Shard is nearing completion, with most of the scaffolding already gone and just a few cranes getting in the way.

With its whopping 310 meters tall, the Shard will become once finished the tallest building in the European Union, and the 46th tallest in the world. Mind you, almost nothing compared to all those South-East Asian or Arab Emirates behemoths, but quite impressive given the surroundings.

Needless to say, the irreverent Brits could never let this pointy thing sticking out of the river side get off with a boring name like “32 London Bridge Tower”, so it got immediately re-christened as “the glass shard” or simply “the shard”. A more adequate name quite on par with the Gherkin (close shot here), and the Razor.