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Rainy streets of London

Today’s picture comes once more from the dPS Photowalk in London last February. We had quite the rainy day, which was a bit of a bummer but offered some chances to take different kinds of pictures. Pics of winding streets offer good opportunities to use hdr techniques, enhancing the asphalt texture and the water reflections. The technique and settings I used to post-process this picture are very similar to the ones I used for this picture from Singapore. Maybe I should turn this into a theme series or something :-D

Hope you like it!

The Gherkin and old church


The Gherkin, designed by Norman Foster, is an iconic landmark of London skyline. Officially called "30 St Mary Axe", but nobody uses that name.Picture taking during the dPS London photowalk.The Gherkin, designed by Norman Foster, is an iconic landmark of London skyline. Officially it is called “30 St Mary Axe”, but nobody uses that name.

The Gherkin is located between Liverpool Street and Bank tube stations, hence right in the middle of “The City”, the old financial district of London. All around this part of town one can see how really modern glass and steel skyscrapers are mixed with old buildings and churches. In certain locations, such a mix can even be observed from the river shore, which is something that would be unthinkable in other cities such as Paris.

This picture was taken during the dPS London Photowalk last February. Hope you like it!

Gherkin close shot

An architectural shot from the dPS photowalk last February. Going to this kind of gatherings is always fun, you get to know some nice people, rediscover parts of town you never paid a lot of attention to, and learn a lot just by observing what are all the other photographers taking pictures of. One might expect that after following a determined route pretty much everyone would snap similar photos, but nothing further from reality…

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