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Street art in East London

The whole East London is famous for its vibrant young artists and creative community. Around these areas one can find some truly breathtaking examples of street art, ranging from graffiti to random installations.

Today’s photo is a graffiti portraying Usain Bolt as seen by Jimmy C. Jimmy has some other really impressive works in the area, so if you like his work and have a chance you should totally visit this part of London!

Graffiti in East London
Graffiti in East London

Graffiti in Dalston

Graffiti in Dalston Lane, London.This awesome graffiti is located in Dalston Lane, very close to the Dalston Junction overground station.

Picture was taken under good light conditions, allowing to use low ISO in order to minimize the noise. For this kind of photo, everything that appears in the frame is in the wall at the same distance of the camera, so the aperture value is mostly irrelevant as there is no room for playing with the depth of field, so I went for a wide 4.8 aperture to compensate for the low ISO and be able to get my shutter as quick as possible (1/250s) for extra sharpness.

Hope you like it!