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The sweet seller

The sweet sellerOnce we reached (by boat) the deeper beaches of Tayrona, stayed there to enjoy the nice weather and the Caribbean tiepid waters. Rest of the day involved mostly swimming, snorkeling in the coral riffs (sorry guys, don’t have the equipment for underwater photography!) and having a lunch consisting in the most delicious fresh fish. Every now and then, this lady, who would refer to herself as “la negra, pa’ servirles” came by and offered us some delicious Colombian sweets that costed virtually nothing. I found really impressive how she could walk with that huge basket perfectly balanced on her head while wiggling her hips from side to side. Many a catwalk model could have taken a lesson or two from la negra!

Portrait: Monica

Last weekend we had in Nordrhein-Westallen the “Rhein in flamme” festival. Weather was just wonderful so we went for a picnic by the riverside to spend the afternoon before heading to Rheinaue for watching the fireworks.

Today’s picture is a little portrait of a friend I snapped without her noticing by taking advantage of the good ol’ 70-300. Background blur is achieved by both the long focal length and a narrow depth of field coming from a wide aperture (f/4). Hope you like it!