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Burning flag

Wherever I travel, I love taking pictures of flags. They way a country choses to display their flag, as well as people’s atitude towards it, tells a lot about the country’s culture and society.

In some countries like Germany or Spain, gratuitous displays of the flag are often frowned upon (with the notable exception of sports events). Other European countries like the Netherlands have a more ambivalent and pragmatical attitude towards the flag. Finally, some countries like the US pride themselves on displaying their flag as often as possible, often in the most unexpected places!

This particular flag is the one in display in Liberty Island, right by the Statue of Liberty. A humungous flag, that can only wave thanks to the strong winds coming from the ocean. I loved the view of the sun right behind the flag, that made for some lovely textures and sharp contrasts.

Do you believe that in your country there are some strong feelings about your flag? Let me know in the comments!



Yet some more Alpine landscapes. I got a bit tired of green grass and blue skies, so skipped a few photos to jump to something with a warmer light on it. After climbing all the way up to Watzmann Haus and joining the rest of the gang there, we enjoyed the amazing views and a hell of a sunset. This photo is almost as it came out of the camera, just did a bit of fiddling with the exposure and color balance.

Let me know what you think!

Sunny Detroit

I finally got to edit the pictures of my last trip to the US. For some work reasons, I needed to travel to Baltimore (Maryland), and since I had a free weekend right before the trip I decided to go on for some random variant of experimental travelling, just for the fun.

Rather than following one of the pre-assigned ET itineraries, I decided to put my fate on the hands of my favorite multi-destination air-fare finder website. So my rule was I would look for the cheapest possible London-Baltimore trip and then spend the weekend wherever my connection turned out to be. The lucky town happened to be Detroit, which conveniently enough I had never been to. I didn’t know much about Detroit besides its connection with Henry Ford and the car industry, so make the trip even funnier I decided I would not check a single travel guide, website, or anything about the city before I got there; the only thing I indulged myself arranging in advance was my hotel room. It would have been fun to go totally blindfolded but I am not 18 anymore and I knew I would appreciate having a place to go drop my luggage and take a shower after a 10 hours flight. So I got to my room, and after freshening up a bit decided to walk outside and wander around town. Today’s picture features the completely empty street I found right after coming out of my motel. Quite a contrast with yesterday’s pic, isn’t it?

More pics and stories to come in the next days, so stay tuned!

Empty street in sunny Detroit